What Does it Take to Become the Best Escort in Paris?

best escort paris

What’s the difference between an ordinary escort and an amazing luxury escort, or even the “best escort in Paris”? It’s all about presentation and a lot of men still don’t realize that there is a HUGE difference between an escort that just shows up, and the best escort that WOWS a man, giving him the best date of his life. For one thing, not everyone understands what an escort actually does and how it differs from what a prostitute does, a surrogate, and just an easy woman at the bar. Here’s a simple guide breaking it down:

  1. A prostitute is paid for the act of sex.
  2. A sex surrogate teaches men how to be comfortable with sex.
  3. A woman at the bar, if she has sex with you, negotiates on personal terms, in a giving and taking process.
  4. An escort is paid for her time and friendly companionship, with sex as an option left up to her discretion.

Escort-girls, therefore, are the only ones of the listed professions that must be friendly, personable, cheerful, knowledgeable and fun. Everyone is so focused on taking, taking, taking. The escort focuses on giving, making sure the date itself is wonderful and that the accompanied man feels “like a million bucks” every step of the way.

The best escort:

  1. Boosts a man’s self confidence
  2. Is supporting and interested in what he has to say
  3. Is friendly and communicative, like a girlfriend
  4. Goes for that emotional connection, that is oftentimes lacking in dealing with prostitutes or one night stands at the bar

Simply put, escort girls really take the “date” seriously, making sure that they look their best, behave their best, and put a “Best Foot Forward.” Some companions are booked just to “look good” in front of other people, such as, playing the girlfriend of a man at a big company meetings and making him appear successful, happy and confident. She looks beautiful. She also speaks eloquently, can keep up intellectually with his conversation, and reflects well on his character.

Can a prostitute do that? No! Can a girl you meet at a bar be expected to be your“ girlfriend” for a high-class dinner? No! Only a best escort can pull this off because her entire career is all about making a man look good, feel good and feel SUCCESSFUL. Now what makes a great best escort in Paris, instead of just a good or OK companion? An escort that does the bare minimum is not very good at her job and she doesn’t make a good date. She may be unemotional, cold, too serious, not friendly or not particularlysmart when it comes to conversation.

A Lovely, Best Escort in Paris:

  1. Makes every second count
  2. Loves to be friendly, joyful and spontaneous, helping her date to enjoy himself
  3. Is well educated and experienced in courting wealthy and successful man—she knows what they like and what their friends want to see!
  4. She can talk for hours
  5. She’s also five-star, Hollywood movie / supermodel beautiful
  6. If and when sex happens, an escort is not just going to lay there…she is a master in the way of love!

Just some points to keep in mind as you look for the best escort in Paris, or are looking for information on how to become an escort. Remember, it’s all about class.


How To Date an Escort Girl Without Being Caught

Of course, cheating on your wife or girlfriend with an escort girl is not an ideal situation. Nobody wants to cheat when they get married, and nobody really likes the idea. But let’s face it, it does happen. And it’s usually not anyone’s fault. If a man is not getting sex from his wife and is constantly thinking of sex, he must have some sort of outlet. Somewhere to put all that excess desire!

Why choosing an Escort Girl?

And that’s why the sex industry is thriving, because a lot of people need that release. Escort girls are always there for lonely married or attached men who have neglected needs. Sometimes there is no other choice but for a man to get sex from a girl who wants it just as much as he does.
You may find yourself in this type of situation. If you’re going to do it, at least be smart about it. The last thing you need in your life is more stress and if you’re sloppy when planning an affair you’re going to bring a lot of drama and emotional turmoil upon yourself.
This is why it’s not a good idea to date single women if you’re married. If they think you’re single too, and find out the truth, they might punish you for lying to them. That’s a lot of trouble you don’t need.
Companions on the other hand are discreet, professional and very friendly. They know exactly what you want, how you want it, and how you want things to end. It’s like Humphrey Bogart always said: “I don’t pay escort girls to have sex with me. I pay them to leave.” That’s it in a nutshell. Be smart and be safe.

Covering Up Your Trail When Dating an Escort Girl

It’s very important to cover up your trail, because most wives don’t find out about your afffairs with an escort girl. They find out because men make silly mistakes and leave clues ALL OVER THE PLACE. So here you go...12 tips to make sure you don’t get caught:

  1. Do not ever contact an escort girl by using your own phone number, text number, or email address, since your wife probably has easy access to this information and the call logs. Use a payphone or a separate phone that your wife doesn’t know about. Escorts will NOT call you back at any time unless you request it.
  2. Delete all emails and trash any paper records of your transaction. Don’t keep it around for any reason, unless you want it turn up years later!
  3. If you’re going to chat with escort girls through the web, ALWAYS check to see if you’ve logged out and ended the session. You should also delete ALL of your web browsing history, or better yet, use a private web browser such as the one Firefox or Google Chrome offers.
  4. Do not use your home PC to communicate with an escort girl. There are programs that a spouse can install on a PC to collect trashed files, old web records and other “deleted” information. It’s not worth the risk. Talk all you want once you and the escort meet in person. Resist the urge to flirt online.
  5. Change your password CONSISTENTLY. Do not keep using the same password, since it’s likely your wife knows it by now, or can find it pretty easily. Instead, rotate your passwords every few days and choose about 10 different ones for your private correspondence.
  6. Do not write down any information, or keep any “collectibles” for voyeuristic reasons. It may seem fun at first, but this is what could get you into trouble months from now. Don’t write down any escort names, don’t write down their numbers, and don’t take home any pictures. If you want to keep collectible items for your own pleasure then rent a PO box or storage space.
  7. Resist the urge to be spontaneous. Plan ahead for the time you want with your escort and then stick to the schedule. Changing your mind or doing something risky is usually what gets you caught.
  8. Always pay cash. No check, card, money order, anything. Cash Cash Cash!
  9. Do NOT talk about your private life with the escort girl. This may be tempting, since escorts are very friendly and are generally good listeners. However, the more you share your private life with strangers the more open you leave yourself for getting caught. Most girls are discreet and will not a problem keeping a lifetime secret. But just in case, don’t give her any information that can ever be used or accidentally blurted out. No names, addresses, job details, anything of that nature.
  10. Do NOT tell your friends, your colleagues, your neighbours, or even your associates anything about your affairs. The temptation is great some times, since you want to brag about how fun your new hobby is, or you want to confess your naughty secret to someone. It’s not smart. Usually it’s always a man’s friends or colleagues that spread the secret around that eventually gets back to his wife.
  11. When travelling with an escort girl, DO NOT register in a hotel with her. This can always come back to bite you, if your wife ever travels to the hotel and interrogates the staff. All the hotel needs is your alias (plus cash) and a room. That’s it. Get an extra pass key. Then later on, give the escort a pass to your room and have her meet you up there. This way, no one can say they’ve seen the two of you together.
  12. Last but not least, you can ask your wife if she wants to enjoy the companionship of an escort girl WITH you. Rather than keeping a secret, you can get her in on the fun and spice up your sex life with a threesome. You can do this before you cheat, or after you’ve already cheated, as a way of confessing your extramarital appetite—WITHOUT ACTUALLY CONFESSING YOUR CHEATING!

In the end, all we can really say about cheating is that it shouldn’t happen in most cases because a lot of men simply can’t handle keeping a secret. Either they make a mistake and get caught or they feel so guilty they have to confess.

This is why it’s best for you to do some soul searching and make sure that you really do need to cheat, and that you WILL keep it a secret, before you start to take action. Escorts-girls will be there to help you, but ultimately it’s your choice and your future. Be sure and be safe!

escort girls easy target of human trafficking 1

Escort girls - an easy target of human trafficking

They say Paris is the City of Love but never before has love been so messy. Or dangerous for that matter, as escort girls are an easy target of human trafficking in Paris, facing an increasingly precarious work environment. Abuse, death and sex trafficking are certainly not the kind of associations adventurous girls have in mind when they think of the legendary free love that has defined Parisian culture for centuries.
You might think that prostitutes have it hard enough, since there is a stern abolitionist movement happening in France, such as legislation introduced by Francoise de Panafieu, who attacked prostitution and succeeded in moving sex workers out from highly trafficked areas into more dangerous isolated territories. However, even legal escorts who follow the law are still having to cope with violent attacks.
EscortParis.com reported on an incident in which a client brought along five other men to the escort’s home, and then proceeded to assault her and rob her apartment. While recessionary economic factors certainly play a part in escalating violence, the fact that lenient rape verdicts are being passed in France (such as the “Créteil verdict”) strongly indicates it is an ongoing problem with misogyny and prejudice against sex workers—legal or not.

Sexual Slavery in the United States

Human trafficking is another problem, and it’s not merely a French or European problem but a worldwide crisis. In the United States, where prostitution is legal in one state and where escort companions are generally accepted (companions only get paid for their time, with the option but not the requirement of sex) there is still a problem with forced prostitution and kidnapping—a stubborn reality that many feel prevents the legitimate legalization of sex solicitation.

According to a 2011 Trafficking in Persons Report, the United States is a Tier 1 country for sex trafficking, having to deal with 17,500 cases of sex kidnapping and forced prostitution every year, at least according to estimates from the U.S. Justice Department. Hillary Clinton said back in 2009 that the global recession is decreasing demand for labor and increasing risk-taking economic opportunities, as in forced labor.

The United States remains one of the biggest markets for sexual slavery, and remains a $36 billion dollar illegal industry, the third most lucrative crime after drug and arms trafficking, according to a statement made by the United Nations Headquarters in 2014.

Where and How does Human Trafficking Occur?

International travel hubs are the likeliest places for trafficking crimes, particularly among immigrant populations. Disturbing even more so is the speculation that the 17,500 crimes quote is a conservative estimate when compared to unreported cases coming from undocumented immigrants and runaway children.

Contrary to popular belief, human trafficking isn’t just happening in truck stops or abandoned shacks in the forest. It’s happening everywhere, even in the city, and is quickly becoming tech-friendly. Vice.com recently reported that Inuit immigrants from Canada are being traded via online dating sites. There are also deceptions in mail order bride sites, modeling agencies and other social websites.

Escort girls are at high risk because of the clandestine elements of their job, and prostitutes have even less protection. Personal anecdotes are spreading about escorts being lured through “legitimate” escort websites with promises of a date, but then being kidnapped by men they haven’t met who “take over” the negotiations from the original inquiring client.

Safety in the world of sex

The more freedom we enjoy with sex, the more opportunity there is for exploitation. With sketchy laws and a lack of legal protection in so many countries, sex workers are at a high risk of assault, rape, murder and even forced human slavery—by no means an exaggeration given the U.N.’s shocking number of confirmed statistics.
Escort girls have no choice but to take the initiative and be extremely cautious, even in this exciting and dangerous profession. While the world is entertained by movies and books like “Fifty Shades of Grey”, with its mysterious and BDSM overtones, there is the need for less mystery and far more honest communication in the real world of sex for payment.

Escort girls cannot afford to play games with their clients or enjoy a “mysterious” relationship. Total transparency from the client is the only way to ensure safety.

However, companions must also preserve their private identities in order to not be confronted by unsavory clients outside of the bedroom. In-call dates are particularly dangerous as this requires clients coming to the escort’s house or apartment. However, out-call dates aren’t any less intimidating, considering conservative “red” states in the U.S., which have very lax laws regarding the right of homeowners to kill trespassers who pose a threat. The recent case in Texas of Ezekiel Gilbert who was acquitted of murder charges, despite killing a prostitute over $150 in undelivered services, caused considerable controversy.

So as long as prejudice against sex workers continues, there will continue to be abuses of the law and the mistreatment of men and women whose only “crime” is loving too much; loving without a wedding band, loving without a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship status. Enjoying sex for trade purposes, and doing the unthinkable by separating the act of “love” from an aggressively monogamous society who wants to regulate who you can and can’t sleep with, is by no means immoral. Trading sex for money is simply one of human civilizations’ oldest professions, whether you call it escorting, prostituting, filming amateur porn, or even being a high priced movie star who strips on celluloid for $20 million a picture.

Paris will always be the city of Love, and the United States and Hollywood certainly is the world center of sex appeal. But it’s long past time for government to make amends with the sex industry and start protecting its sex workers who are, by all accounts and all the more so in the case of legally employed escorts, upstanding tax-paying citizens.

Lately we, at EscortParis.com have heard pretty shocking stories from different escort girls reporting an extremely dangerous situations where they had had no control and where they almost became trafficked as sexual slaves. This specific girl, let's call her Maria, told us how she almost became a victim of human traffickers. One day a man who she didin't know at all, contacted her through her escort profile and he invited her with a false pretense to join him on his travel. They should first meet in Vienna, where they were supposed to sleep over, from where the next day they should proceed their travel to Bulgaria. She was sent a return air ticket on her name, in order to gain a trust from him. When she arrived at the airport parking in Vienna, she was picked up by another man. He explained her that an escort service was meant for him and that his friend helped him organize it all, due to the fact he was shy to contact her. She tried to understand the situation since shy clients do happen. She sat in the car of a stranger and from that moment everything went wrong. Instead of a hotel, the stranger brought her to a big house where there were other girls, who didn't know between each other. They were all very scared, you could see that from their faces. Maria at the end managed to escape from the extremely dangerous situation. Now Maria is a protected victim of human trafficking waiting to testify against her abusers.

Tips for safer escorting

In the meantime, escort girls are advised to take diligent steps to avoid shady deals and potentially dangerous clients by adhering to the following:


  1. Sex traffickers are often willing to purchase a return ticket for an escort girl to come to visit them. Always meet a new client in a neutral and public location, like a hotel. Never sit in a stranger's car before you have met a client in a hotel room.
  2. When in doubt, or dealing with a brand new client, choose a hotel where there is a paper trail and less chance of criminal intent.
  3. Ask clients for ID to verify his identity. If he refuses to cooperate, do not accept any terms of the deal.
  4. When in doubt, always postpone or cancel the meeting.
  5. When going on a travel, take care that you tell to a friend or a person who you trust, where you are going and who you are going to make company to. Abusive clients do oftentimes kidnap escort girls in addition to committing acts of violence.
  6. Report a crime of human trafficking to the police. As a legally employed escort, you are not being paid for sex but only companionship. You do have full protection. 
  7. Be suspicious of all new clients and try to work only with clients whom you have previously met or been able to screen well in advance.
  8. Check with hotel reception making sure the client has a valid check in on record. This reduces the likelihood of a guest committing a crime.
  9. Sense danger before it comes and listen to your instincts, particularly around clients who exhibit aggressive anti-social behavior.
  10. Since online dating and escort sites don't conduct a criminal background checks on their members/visitors, the power is all yours: verify their identity but reveal nothing about yourself. That’s the only reasonable means to protect yourself in an industry where women lack power and organizational protection.

Verified escorts in Paris - 100 % authentic companions in Paris

There is every day more and more demand of verified escorts in Paris. If you visit our site, it's only right that the content you see is authentic. So that dewy-eyed girl with the perfect figure who catches your eye, to the point that you pick up the phone, actually is the companion you get to meet. That doesn't seem unreasonable as an expectation, does it?
Well, we agree and that's why we try and make sure that all material on our site is real, genuine and as it purports to be. There is no fool-proof system of course and many escorts are yet to learn why it is even important to post genuine photographs and other information on the website. However we believe in the integrity of our website and therefore take steps with every companion to validate and verify the material that they send to us for the site. Our first aim is to ensure that the escorts in the photographs are indeed the companion to be booked. We then try and ensure that all the materials provided, including any measurements or other personal information is genuine. In many cases we personally know the escorts themselves and can therefore guarantee the authenticity of the website information. Escortparis.com differs from many other sites precisely because we are a small 'boutique site', which only shows the highest quality verified escorts available in Paris. There is no perfect system and this is not a perfect service industry either but you should rest assured that we take the information on our website very seriously. Escortparis.com is the best site for finding verified companions in Paris and to make sure – as best we can – that the experience of clients meets their expectations. We also aim to ensure that the photographs on our site are not only who they purport to be and that they are also of the highest quality possible. Increasing number of escorts provide professionally taken photographs and show themselves in a range of poses and outfits, so that site visitors can make their choice with the best material possible. We do take quality control seriously and are pleased that our site is a site full of beautiful companions in stunning photographs. Some escorts of course have other occupations and need a degree of privacy so it is inevitable that some photographs will have elements such as the girls eyes or other distinguishing parts of the body blurred out. This is not a negative but just a decision made by the escorts for their own reasons.
So next time you browse our site looking for a companion in Paris, rest assured we have checked the information provided as far as we humanly can. Like any service, it's about trust at the end of the day and we want to earn the trust of visitors to our website and help you to experience the best escorts services in Paris.

We have distinguished verified escorts from those who failed to verify their photos and ordered them into the independent section: http://www.escortparis.com/verified-escorts 
Furthermore, we have given a verified sign that you can see when you enter escorts galleries on the top of the specific companion's gallery, that says: «100 % REAL PHOTOS - VERIFIED»

For your better understanding please see the verified-sign picture below:

verified escorts paris


Why do younger men date a cougar escort in Paris?

cougar escort Paris

The term “cougar escort Paris” has entered into our cultural vocabulary, and it casts an undeniably negative light on relationships between younger men and mature companions. So, too, does the frequent assumption that an older woman will have baggage—not just under her eyes after the makeup comes off, but in the form of exes, children, and other complicated issues. These may be things a young man will encounter when testing the waters of the mature female dating pool, but every dating pool has its deep end, and with experience, one can learn pretty easily how to avoid undesirable situations. The fact is that cougar escort-girls seeking younger men are frequently not predators; on the contrary, many younger men are seeking more mature female companions for short and long term escort experience because these relationships work for both parties. In general, dating between younger men and mature women is increasingly common, and the taboo surrounding these relationships is disappearing before our eyes.

Mature companions are established socially, sexually, and financially. Many of the complications of dating that give young men anxiety have a lot to do with the seemingly inscrutable needs and desires of females in their age group. And it’s not just men: young women feel the same way about their male counterparts. For many younger men, dating an older woman can alleviate these concerns. Older women who seek younger male partners tend to have a much clearer idea of what they want and a stronger willingness to voice those desires. They have already been through the frustrating and disappointing experiences of relationships that don’t work because communication, boundaries, and needs are never established. It’s not so much that a younger man is malleable and easy to “control”— functional relationships between younger men and mature women rely just as much on a balance of power as those between partners of the same age—it’s just that older women have learned enough to know how to assert themselves without the desperation that makes one seem “controlling.” Further, mature women tend to be more independent, more confident, and less needy because they’ve already figured out what’s important to them in life, and often, they already have a life established that does not depend upon the presence of a partner. So many relationships fail because young partners never have the chance to construct identities separate from one another, but when the woman has already discovered at least part of who she is, there’s a lot less pressure to do that work together. The knowledge and confidence displayed by a woman who knows what she wants and can do something about it on her own are extremely attractive to younger men who also want to figure out their role in the world.

What’s in it for the women, then? Well, younger men are sexy, spirited, and enthusiastic about life. They contribute vivacity to the relationship and make the woman feel good about herself physically and mentally. When a man is impressed by a woman’s ability to live for herself, on her own terms, the woman will bask in that youthful approval and feel empowered to continue to grow and thrive. In turn, that renewed appetite for life, when observed by the younger man as something he helped her to discover, will be intensely gratifying and fulfilling for him. Both parties will enjoy the effect they have on each other: he, in her presence, appears and learns to be more mature and capable, and she, with him, feels and looks more lively and desirable. The question, then, is not, “why do younger men date cougar escort girls in Paris?’; but rather, “why wouldn’t they?”

blond escorts paris

Do men really prefer blond escorts in Paris?

Legend has it that gentlemen prefer blondes but is this true? And does it extend to escort girl services? Do blond escorts in Paris get more bookings?

Well even the world’s scientists who have studied science behind sex seem to disagree. There is apparently no dispute that when couples fall in love or even in lust, that their brain pattern behaviour is identical to the clinically insane. The phenomenon of love and attraction is a mysterious one but one in which physical attributes apparently play a large role and blondes of course, through the last decades, have risen to prominence in the movies, in music and especially in advertising and the mass media. A preference for blondes when it comes to selecting a “mating partner” originated in northern Europe but is a powerful phenomenon in many parts of the world and especially in popular culture.

Whether it’s iconic Marilyn Monroe, the “blonde one” in Abba (let’s be honest does anyone remember the other one?), that unforgettable scene of Sharon Stone in the 1992 movie Basic Instinct, Madonna (especiallyin that phase with the conical breasts) or a bevy of more recent starlets such as Scarlett Johansson, Cate Blanchett, Uma Thurmann and Charlize Theron - it just seems that, like Rod Stewart’s album proclaimed in 1978, “blondes have more fun”.
According to the media, blondes know how to flirt more, they look better on the beach and they are always the centre of attention! Could you imagine Madonna in that video “Material Girl” being anything other than blonde? Ask any companion who has died her hair and they will confirm they just get more attention when they are blonde.

Rumour has it too that blondes maybe not be quite so smart but that is just rumour for there are some super smart (and super sexy too) blondes! Yet every girl, whatever their hair colour knows what it is like to have a “blonde moment” when they do something or say something stupid.
Does this “blondism”, or preference for blondes, extend to escort girl services? Browse Escortparis.com and you’ll find every hair colour under the sun from blondes to red heads, from browns to black. Do the blonde escort girls catch your eye more? Well, of course it’s all about your own personal preferences.
The greatest thing about choosing an escort for the night, weekend or longer is ‘choice’ so why not try a number of VIP escort girls in Paris, one with each hair colour and make up your own mind.

Why do men choose to book an escort in Paris?

I am regularly asked: 'Why do men book an escort in Paris?' and if you are reading this, then the answers I give may resonate with you:

  1. Some men book an escort because they simply don’t have, or find, the time to have a relationship or feel able to commit to such a relationship. Put simply, booking an escort service is more convenient and less time consuming, in an already busy and complicated lifestyle.
  2. An escort in Paris, of course, also provides that special, unique, experience. Something a man may not get to experience with his wife or regular girlfriend. An escort can provide something a bit exotic or unexpected and certainly memorable.
  3. Men can choose their 'ideal, dream woman' and one they are unlikely to meet in their day to day lives and booking an escort service is certainly a damn sight easier than having to relive those fumbling moments, full of anxiety and uncertainty, of approaching a stranger for a first date! Leave those memories to your youth and take the easy route, pick up the phone and book an escort in Paris!
  4. Many businessmen, especially, are travelling around the world’s major cities and simply it isn’t feasible to find a woman companion in any other way. When visiting Paris, why not simply book an escort for the evening or weekend, or for that important business meeting with a new client to impress. Your companion may also be able to show you around the city, help with some 'local knowledge' and also provide some translations and interpreting skills during the course of your hectic business itinerary. It is not uncommon for high class companions in Paris to speak at least 2-3 worldwide languages and have a great command of them. A glamorous and beautiful young companion may also impress your clients or business partners and help you seal an important business deal too. It’s not just businessmen on their travels either. Paris is one of the world’s top tourist destinations, a 'must see' and what better way to explore this city than with a beautiful and engaging elite escort? And I am also asked whether it is 'normal' to book an escort when in Paris? Well, why not? It isn’t just for high powered businessmen or tourists. It certainly is normal for many men to choose to do this. And it is not because they can’t find a woman partner in their daily lives, or maybe don’t think they are 'attractive' enough to find that dream girl. Quite simply, escort girl in Paris, provides a high quality, personalized service and ensures that you will remember your time spent with her, for a long time to come. Discretion it is said can be 'the better part of valour', or put into everyday language this means it can suit your needs to have a partner, a date, that is both discrete and with 'no strings attached'. Booking an escort service in Paris can fit with your plans and once you leave, there is no ongoing commitment or other matters to manage. This is an adventure between you and your companion in Paris, no-one else need even know!

Escort Megève

Escort girl Megeve

Are you thinking about spending your vacation with an escort girl in Megève, the world alpine capital of luxury and high life? It's the perfect choice for an alpine get-away with your beautiful and elegant companion from Paris. Described by the international elite as one of the world's most luxury ski resorts, Megève built its fame on the back of visits by the aristocracy and today retains its air of exclusivity and luxury. Conceived as a ski resort by the Rothschilds, it was the first purpose-built ski resort in France. It also found fame when Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant met in the 1963 film, Charade. Megève's ski area, known as the "Domaine Évasion Montblanc" is world famous in skiing circles and a destination for the rich and famous. For many, Megève is the alpine capital of the region with over 40km of pistes and a great lift system which is now integrated into the SuperPass system. This opens up a total of 420km of ski slopes on the borders of France, Switzerland and Italy and in the shadow of Mont Blanc the highest alpine peak in the region, right on the doorstep. Then of course there is the Megève's nightlife in the company of your pretty escort girl, the variety and quality of which is not often found at this altitude. Take in jazz at the Club de Jazz des 5 Rues or enjoy some gambling at Le Casino with your escort girl who may bring you luck that night, or take in one of the many bars, nightclubs and famously good restaurants. There’s a good selection of five star luxury and boutique hotels and there are some great spas too. This and the designer boutiques means you and your escort girl from Paris will feel right at home. And for an alpine resort, Megève is remarkably accessible too – just ninety minutes from Geneva international airport – so it is a great place for a long weekend as well as a longer vacation. Make no mistake, Megève is the perfect retreat for you and your escort girl. Imagine the adventures you can get up to at Megève! Ultimate skiing, partying and a beautiful escort girl beside you. Picture yourself and your ultra sexy ski companion on the slopes or chilling out together in the hot tub or in front of the roaring fire. That healthy glow in her cheeks and twinkle in her eyes, the sparkiling, effervescent companionship that only a VIP escort can provide. You know she will look great in her ski gear on the slopes of Megève in the daytime and later on, after some 'apres-ski' she will look great out of it too! These escort girls are athletic, on and off the slopes of Megève, and they know how to party too. Choosing one of luxury and classy companions from Paris you can be sure of the right company for the alpine adventure of your life in Megève!


Courchevel, the ultimate ski destination for you and your escort girl

Escort girl Courchevel

Imagine the ultimate ski adventure on the sun-kissed slopes of Courchevel with your exclusive escort girl from Paris. It's the ski season and the party season right now in the French Alps.Think Courchevel and what comes to mind? Luxury hotels, exclusive nightclubs and high-end boutiques. The world's rich and famous ski here. This alpine resort is a 'see and be seen' kind of places and what betterthan having a pretty escort girl on your arm? Courchevel, situated some 1850 metres up in Le Trois Vallees may be the world's largest and coolest ski area, with 600km of piste, yet the apres-ski with an escort girl, in Courchevel itself, then your visit promises to be even more of an adventure. Courchevel is the epitome of a super luxury ski resort, it boasts no less than eleven five star hotels and two of France's six star establishments. This is a ritzy, celebrity-filled ski destination and with a classy escort girl, Courchevel will be your very own six star experience. Don't book just 'any' escort girl, choose a luxury companion from Paris and you can be sure of the right girl for the delights of Courchevel. Enjoy champagne and cocktails together as the sun goes down, follow this with a fine dining experience, with local specialities such as fondue, raclette and tartiflette. Browse the designer shops and take in all that fantastic alpine air. Take in a nightclub and party with your escort girl until dawn. You will never get bored, as your exclusive companion will immediately fit into the scene in Courchevel and the two of you will have a memorable time. She looks gorgeous and completely feels at home with you as you wander through this snowy wonderland of a place. The slopes may offer all manner of knee-trembling black couloirs to test your skills but it will be at your chalet that the fun really starts. Your escort girl in Courchevel looks amazing in her ski boots but she is even better to look out, when out of them. For your escort girl in Courchevel loves the winter, however, she prefers not to wear clothes and would rather be 'au naturel'. Companions presented on this site love to travel and ski, these are escort girls with a sporty sense of fun and that certain 'joie de vivre' that only the most attractive, confident and very sexy girls have. But they get bored easily, and then they are eager to go back to your chalet. Here why not pour an excellent French champagne, light a fire and curl up with her on the fireside bear-skin rug or jump naked into the hot tub together and get all 'rosy-cheeked' together. And in the morning, wake up with that healthy glow that only an alpine work out gives you. Right now the snow is fresh and your escort girl in Courchevel is eager to please you.

Escort girls Paris

Why certain escort girls in Paris decide not to show their faces?

For some of the escort girls in Paris discretion works both ways. Some of the companions prefer to cover their face in their portfolios. To show the face or not to show it, that is a personal decision of each companion. But why would you want to cover such a beautiful visage? Here are the reasons why:

  1. Well, some escort girls prefer to retain some degree of privacy about what they choose to do. In Paris and elsewhere, being an escort can have negative connotations for the girls, in a profession which is still marginalized by society. Many companions hold down a full-time job and chose to offer companionship out of their working hours. For these girls, keeping their professional and private lives separate, is just as important to them as it may be to you.
  2. The busiest escort girls can be visiting Paris hotels regularly and prefer not to be recognized by hotel management and indeed some hotels do not allow companions on their premises at all! Having an organized approach to anonymity is therefore a legitimate way for an escort in Paris to ensure their client’s needs and expectations are met and their anonymity upheld too.
  3. Then there is the ‘internet factor’, which for all of us has changed the way we live and communicate. Everyone these days has an internet profile and for an escort to show her face on the website, can mean that somebody, after meeting your companion at a function or engagement, when searching the internet, could discover the nature of your companion’s profession. Discretion is hard to maintain if escort girls's faces are in the public domain on the internet. As a client, you may not want your business partners, colleagues or friends to know that your date was in fact one of escort girls in Paris, don't you?
  4. Many girls beside being an escort manage to maintain their relationships with their boyfriends, husbands, lovers, friends or a family. They decide to share their lives with another person but they decide not to share their secrets. Many girls manage quite well to hide their double life from their partners, friends and family for a long time, and never get discovered. That is why for them it is of a such an importance to have their faces covered. They simply don't want to get recognized by their loved ones.
  5. Some escort girls go a little further and pixellate their faces in their portfolio simply because they use fake photos and their face doesn't resemble to the face of the model on the photos. They might have the similar body structure but not the face. This is often a reason too why you will see certain escort girls's faces blurred. They don't want to be rejected by the client simply because their face doesn't match the girl's face on the stolen photos. Yet these are beautiful girls with toned athletic bodies and great curves in all the right places. But you can be sure in one thing; the girls who didn't verify their photos or that failed in verification process don't deserve the '100% Verified photos' sign that you can see on the top of girls's profiles. But we will cover that topic in an upcoming blog.

Professional companions pride themselves on discretion and for many clients too such discretion is a real consideration. So when you browse the photographs you might like to see those escort girls who hide their face, in a whole different light.
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